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Hatch Chile Salsa Verde

Salsa Verde Recipe

Once again, it’s Hatch chile season! I visited Hatch, New Mexico over the Labor Day weekend for the Hatch Chile Festival. The entire town smells like roasting chiles, so once I returned home, I just had to make some super fresh Hatch Chile Salsa Verde. This sauce is great on everything. Serve with chips, smother your eggs, or use it to make some amazing huevos rancheros.

This salsa verde gets its depth of flavor from roasting the veggies to a light char. Roasting the tomatillos also mellows their tartness. If Hatch chiles aren’t readily available, substitute with Anaheim chiles. If you’d like to use jalapeños only for the chiles, go with 1 or 2, depending on your desired heat level.

For Hatch & Anaheim chiles, you’re going to want to roast and remove the skin, which makes for a smoother flavor best for salsa. For roasted jalapeños, you can simply remove the stem and leave the skin before blending with the other ingredients. 

Ensure your tomatillos are firm, but not hard. The husks should be easy to remove. If the husk is gluey & stuck to the tomatillo, that’s a warning sign that it has lost its freshness.