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Cayenne Diane Celebrates Fourth Anniversary with the release of The Heat Seeker Box

Heat Seeker box

The Cayenne Diane site was started four years ago with the goal of sharing my passion for all things spicy. Just a girl and her love for spice! In the past four years, it has grown and evolved into one of the premiere sites for heat seekers to discover their favorite peppers, recipes, and more. Wow! The response has been overwhelming. The demand for hot and spicy news has continued to grow–so much that the site has had to be upgraded continuously: three upgrades this year alone!

Conversations and sharing on social media sites with everyone has been way fun! Back on the site, The Big List of Hot Peppers is one of the hottest spots on the internet as a resource for all hot pepper fans. Thousands of people a day check it out to keep tabs on which pepper is on the top of the charts or use it as an inspirational list for what peppers to grow next year. The events calendar helps those seeking the heat to find the best gatherings of all like-minded fans. Whew! 

Through all of this, I’ve met and developed relationships with those cooking and crafting some of the greatest hot and spicy creations around. These are the Heat Makers that give us all reason to kick up all our food to another level.

So, first, I wanted to give my sincerest thanks! I couldn’t have imagined such attention given to what is all our shared passion.

On this fourth year, I’m announcing a way for us to share and experience the delicious, gourmet creations from these Heat Makers. 

Introducing the Heat Seeker Box.

The Heat Seeker Box showcases the efforts of the best Heat Makers from around the globe. I’m finding all the interesting ways these chefs craft and transform already awesome food into something that explodes into a new flavor experience.

I’m starting with a seasonal theme you can enjoy–maybe even indulge in– by buying it whenever you like. Or, you can subscribe to receive the latest and greatest finds every season. I know you’ll love every selection as much as I do.

Those who have visited my site over the Summer may have noticed some images encouraging fans to “Become a Heat Seeker.” It all started with a contest, and the lucky winners have been announced. At the bottom of this article, there’s a place where you can enter to get the latest information about the Heat Seeker Box and enter to win next season’s box.

To join other Heat Seekers in this spicy odyssey, visit the store page to start receiving or gifting the Heat Seeker Box. Each season’s exact selections are a secret! I don’t want to spoil the surprise. Here’s a special discount code for Cayenne Diane friends: CDFRIENDS. This code can be entered on the payment page.

The Heat Seeker Box is available anywhere in the United States, and ships free!

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I thank you for your support.

So, what does the future bring for Cayenne Diane? An even bigger, better site with more features and more information and ways to share our love for all that’s hot! Keep coming back to see where the site goes next.