The AWARD WINNING Zombie Cajun Hot Sauce Gift Collection. It’s not about the hot, it’s about the flavor! Includes a paperback copy of “The Zombie Cajun Chronicles; A Time to Run”. The best Zombie present for the Zombie Apocalypse Prepper. 

This set features 4 hot sauces:

Zombie Cajun Hot Sauce is a Louisiana style hot sauce made from Cayenne Peppers. Made of a high quality aged pepper mash.

Zombie Cajun “The Antidote” Hot Sauce. This is a superior blend of Cayenne and Habanero Peppers that will fuel your need for extra heat.

Zombie Cajun Garlic Hot Sauce. It gives you that wonderful Garlic flavor in a traditional Cayenne Hot Sauce. Rated a 5 out of 10 for heat.

Zombie Cajun “Lagniappe” (Lan-Yap) Hot Pepper Sauce. Lagniappe Pepper Sauce has extra spice, extra flavor, extra peppers, and is extra thick. You have to try this unique flavored sauce. Not about the hot on this one, rated a 3 out of 10 for heat.

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