Who is Cayenne Diane

Thanks so much for your interest in my site. First off, I must tell you I want to live in a world filled with more people that try their hand at backyard or container gardening and peppers plants that never fail.

When not creating new content for Cayenne Diane, my hobbies include growing hot peppers, cooking, giving my two dogs belly rubs, trying to convince my cat not to bring that lizard into the house, and graphic design.

Just a note, since I get a lot in inquiries from people wanting to purchase peppers from me, I don’t sell hot peppers. This site is purely for information.  👍🏻🔥🌶

🌶 What about the name?  My husband came up with the Cayenne Diane name for me because I use a LOT of spice in my cooking and have always had a love for hot peppers. One other note: I once had a pet tarantula that I named Cayenne a few years back.

🌶 Spicy influences: I grew up in the southwest, so Tex-Mex, spicy food and peppers were normal for most meals. As I’ve grown older, my love for all spicy cuisines has expanded. REALLY spicy Thai food has become one of my weekly staples. Or a super spicy vindaloo – yum!

🌶 How the site came to be: The Cayenne Diane website is a labor of love. I was driven to create the site because I couldn’t find a great looking, easy to use site, that provided the information that I was searching for. So I built it! I’ve learned so much more about peppers in the process. I created the first version of the Cayenne Diane site back in mid 2012. I’d consider where it is today version 5.0. It has come a long way! My husband and I are constantly working to improve the site and provide even more great information about hot peppers and fiery foods.

With over 3500 hot peppers in the world, tons of amazing spicy recipes, and an endless number of hot sauces, there will always be more to discover and add to my site, so stay tuned! Subscribe to my ‘Spicy Bite’ newsletter to get all the latest info. Just use the link below.

Thank you so much for your interest in hot peppers and my site!

🔥 Stay spicy 🔥