This set contains four mini (2 oz) bottles that include:

Blair’s Jalapeno Death Sauce: Jalapenos, tomatillos and tequila. Very mild, crispy and refreshing.

Blair’s Original Death Sauce: Delicious, fruity and moderately spicy. If you feel like original Tabasco is not hot enough, this one will be just right.

Blair’s After Death Sauce: Nice punch of habanero and long peppery aftertaste.

Blair’s Sudden Death Sauce: Extremely HOT! The other sauces might fool you into thinking this one won’t be that hot. Don’t be fooled. The recommendation on the bottle says to use a micro-drop. Start slowly with this one!

All sauces are packaged together in a custom carrying holder. Also includes 2 of Blair’s famous dangling skulls for key chains.

$18.37 (price may vary).