7 Pot – Pod Douglah (Trinidad Douglah)

7 Pot – Pod Douglah (Trinidad Douglah)


Scientific Classification

Capsicum Chinense

Heat rating in Scovilles:

923000 – 1853396

From Trinidad, it’s said that 1 pod will spice seven pots of stew. It is a rare and extremely hot chili. The Douglah is characterized by a dark brown/deep purple skin with many “pimples” over the surface. The pepper starts out green and matures to the dark color unique to the Douglah.

There is still debate as to whether the brown or chocolate 7 Pod is the same variety as the Douglah. Multiple strains of the 7 Pot have surfaced over recent years (Infinity, Primo, Brown, Yellow, etc).

There is some variation in appearance, shape and size due to genetic instability of many Trinidadian super hots. The most prominent features of many strains of the 7 Pot pepper are the pimpled exterior and blistering heat.

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