Poblano Pepper

Poblano Pepper


Scientific Classification

Capsicum annuum

Heat rating in Scovilles:

1000 – 2000

The Poblano pepper is one of the most popular peppers grown in Mexico. It is a mild chile pepper originating in the state of Puebla, Mexico. Dried, it is called an Ancho chile (“wide chile”). They have thick, dark-green skin and a wide base which tapers to a point.

CULINARY USES: Somewhat large and heart-shaped, the mild poblano is common in Mexican and Southwestern cooking, most notably in the classic chile relleno in which the roasted pepper is stuffed with cheese, then coated in egg and fried.

Poblano peppers are good for roasting. Roasting brings out the fruitier flavors of the pepper and eases in removing the skin.

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