This sauce was introduced to me by family while staying in a cottage on Sunset Beach, N. Carolina. There’s a small fresh local seafood market on the mainland called Bill’s Seafood that offers a selection of typical hot sauces, but this is the one everyone loves.

It is a great tasting sauce that has some kick! Very flavorful with a good vinegar tang. Heavy on the black pepper. This is the kind of sauce that can really go on anything, beef, chicken and seafood. This would make a great wing sauce due to the vinegary nature of the sauce, and the label includes a recipe for ‘Gator Wings’. Made in Feloa, Florida (USA), this sauce is a blend of aged cayenne peppers and black pepper.

Taste: The cayenne & black peppers are prominent, with a vinegary tang.

Heat Level: This is is fairly hot, but not so hot that you couldn’t dust off a whole mess of wings covered in this sauce.

Texture: This sauce slightly thick. It pours nicely without being overly runny. You can see loads of black pepper and a good amount of cayenne pepper seeds. This sauce is available from Amazon for around $11 for a 10 oz bottle, shipped free with Prime. There you can also read an impressive number of 5 star reviews for even more info about this sauce. This and all Gator Hammock sauces are also for sale directly on their website.

Ingredients: Aged cayenne peppers, vinegar, assorted crushed & ground peppers, garlic, salt, other spices.