Melinda’s makes some of my favorite hot sauces, but there is something special about the Scotch Bonnet sauce that keeps me wanting it on everything. The sauce has a great combination of flavor and heat, and it certainly doesn’t skimp on the heat!

Melinda’s has a variety of other flavors ranging from mild to very hot: Jalapeño, Original Habanero, Amarillo Hot Mustard, Red Savina, Naga/Ghost. All natural ingredients, no artificial preservatives or colors, gluten free, no GMO’s

When I originally wrote this post, Melinda’s wasn’t as available in chain grocery stores, but I see Melinda’s sauces just about everywhere these days. Amazon: Melinda’s Scotch Bonnet Hot Sauce 5oz. 

Ingredients include fresh Scotch Bonnet peppers, carrots, papayas, lime juice, onion, passion fruit juice & garlic.