7 Pot Brain Strain

7 Pot Brain Strain


Scientific Classification

Capsicum Chinense

Heat rating in Scovilles:

1000000 – 1350000

7 Pot peppers are known for their high heat, and the 7 Pot Brain Strain is no exception. The 7 Pot/Pod Brain Strain Pepper is regarded as one of the hottest peppers in the world, but it’s rating is yet to be proven scientifically.

This variety is not a hybrid (which is created by crossing varieties), instead it was developed using selective breeding by saving pods from plants that would produce certain desired traits. In 2010 David Capiello, a well known grower and chile hobbyist from North Carolina, obtained 7 Pot seeds from another grower in Trinidad. This chili pepper is believed to be closely rated to the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion. David selected pods with a lumpy grainy, texture like the human brain and named them Brain Strain. The result is a super-hot pepper with a distinct brain-like look, both on the outside and in.

A very productive chile plant, many growers say this is the hottest of the red 7 Pot strain chile plants. 7 Pot Brain Strain plants grow between 3-4 feet tall and fruits ripen from green to red. There is also a 7 Pot Brain Strain yellow variety.

TASTE: Extremely hot with a fruity flavor similar to other 7 pots.

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