Arapaho (formerly known as Cheyenne)

Arapaho (formerly known as Cheyenne)


Scientific Classification

Capsicum annuum

Heat rating in Scovilles:

30000 – 50000

Arapaho, formerly named Cheyenne, it may still be listed as Cheyenne Hybrid on some seed sites. The Arapaho is a large and very attractive cayenne pepper producing high yields of early maturing fruit on a compact 18″ tall plant. Seeds can take a their time germinating. The use of a heat mat under the seeds will help with this.

Attractive, wrinkled fruits that average 8 inches with medium-thick walls. With excellent flavor, the fruits are both sweet and pretty hot, with a sweet red bell pepper undertone. I’ve seen some conflicting info on just how hot these peppers are, so if you’ve grown and tasted these, shoot me an email and let me know how spicy they really are. Great for frying and in salsas. The peppers dry well for making homemade hot chile powder, and they’re the perfect size for hanging decorative ristras.

The Arapaho was formerly known as the Cheyenne pepper in the United States, causing some confusion with an orange variety also called Cheyenne popular in the UK. I can only assume that’s why the name was changed.

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