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    Bedfordshire Super Naga

    Bedfordshire Super Naga

    Bedfordshire Super Naga

    Pepper Category:  

    Scovile Heat Scale

    Orange Habanero 150000 Scovilles
    This Pepper 1000000 Scovilles
    Jalapeño 5000 Scovilles

    Scientific Classification
    Capsicum Chinense

    Typical Heat Rating in Scovilles
    900000 - 1120000

    In 2012, the Bedfordshire Super Naga was the UK’s hottest commercially grown chilli pepper.

    The UK’s largest chilli grower, Salvatore Genovese, whose farm is in Blunham in the county of Bedfordshire, produces 500,000 chilli peppers every week. Genovese unleashed the Super Naga in 2012 and it was sold exclusively by Tesco. Currently he is producing the super hot Komodo Dragon, one of the hottests peppers in the world.

    Farming has been in the Genovese family since 1972 when his father began growing cucumbers, but 15 years ago the younger Genovese decided to tap in to the UK’s new-found hunger for hot chillies, which are now sold at the rate of 45 million per year.

    TASTE: The Bedfordshire Super Naga as it has a wonderful fruity flavor to match its searing heat level.

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