Chipotle Meco (Chipotle Tipico)

Chipotle Meco (Chipotle Tipico)


Scientific Classification

Capsicum annuum

Heat rating in Scovilles:

2500 – 10000

Generally, a chipotle is a smoked red ripe jalapeño. Chipotle (pronounced chi-poht-lay) also spelled chilpotle, comes from the Nahuatl word chilpoctli (meaning “smoked chili”) and is used primarily in Mexican and Mexican-inspired cuisines.

The two main types of chipotle chiles, “Morita” and “Meco”, are both smoked red ripe jalapeños. The Meco chilis are left on the bush even longer than those picked as red jalapeños to be sold at markets. Once the peppers start losing their moisture they are harvested to become “Meco” chipotles.

The more commonly used in the United States is the Chipotle Morita. “Morita” translates to “little blackberry” in Spanish, these chiles are the smaller of the two and are more leathery and pliable. They also are not smoked as long as the Chipotle Meco.

The Chipotle Meco (also knows as Chile “Meco” or Chipotle Tipico) is grayish-tan, quite stiff, and often described as looking like a cigar butt. “Meco” chipotles are smoked for about twice as long as “Moritas” which gives them a more intense, rich flavor.

Meco Chipotles smoked in this time honored Mexican tradition are much more difficult to get here in the U.S. and depending on the supplier may be much more expensive than the Moritas.

FLAVOR: The flavor profile is smoky with a slightly spicy, grassy fruitiness.

There are other chipotles out there, such as the chipotle grande, chipotle tamarindo, and chipotles capones.

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