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    Cumari do Para Peppers
    Cumari do Para Peppers

    Cumari do Para

    Pepper Category:  

    Scovile Heat Scale

    Orange Habanero 150000 Scovilles
    This Pepper 150000 Scovilles
    Jalapeño 5000 Scovilles

    Scientific Classification
    Capsicum Chinense

    Typical Heat Rating in Scovilles
    50000 - 300000

    Also known as (Cumari, Pimenta Cumari). Residing from the Cumari region of Brazil, this rare Brazilian fiery hot pepper is only the size of a pea. There are several types in the family, including the Cumari Do Para, one of the most popular (shown), the Cumari Ou Passarinho, Cumari Se Crescente, and Cumari Verdadeira. However, there is only one that belongs to the Capsicum Praetermissium species, the one true Cumari, the Cumari Pollux.

    TASTE: In the same family as Scotch Bonnets, and Habaneros, the Cumari has a really nice, sweet flavor but packs a lot of heat.

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