Hatch Chile Pepper

Hatch Chile Pepper


Scientific Classification

Capsicum annuum

Heat rating in Scovilles:

1000 – 5000

Late in the summer is Hatch chile pepper season, August – September. These New Mexico chiles are grown in and around Hatch, New Mexico, USA. It is New Mexico’s state vegetable.

There are five or six main cultivated varieties of New Mexico chiles, so the heat level can vary, with some being very mild but some are quite spicy. Generally speaking, the Hatch chile is hotter than an Anaheim, but slightly milder than a jalapeño. The flavor is similar to the Anaheim.

Late every summer, the southwestern United States goes crazy for the Hatch chile. I live in the southwest and am lucky enough to have Hatch chilies show up in my local grocery store once a year, around mid August.

I do love the flavor of these chilies. Some of the peppers are very long, 7 – 8″ long, while others are smaller (4″ – 5″)  and curved. They tend to feel very light and are great for roasting.

RELATED PEPPER: The Anaheim pepper is a mild variety of the Hatch. The name “Anaheim” derives from Emilio Ortega, a farmer who brought the seeds from New Mexico to the Anaheim, California, area in the early 1900s. Hatch is located in the fertile Rio Grande Valley, about 40 miles north of Las Cruces. What makes the Hatch chiles special is where they are grown. The town of Hatch experiences abundant sunshine, hot daytime temperatures with cool nights.

EVENTS: Every year in early September, Hatch, New Mexico holds their annual Hatch Chile Festival.

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