Hot Paper Lantern

Hot Paper Lantern


Scientific Classification

Capsicum Chinense

Heat rating in Scovilles:

150000 – 350000

The Hot Paper Lantern is a habanero type. More productive and larger than regular habaneros, these elongated, pendant shaped fruits are 3-4″ long, but they pack the same mouth-blistering heat. They ripen from lime green to orange and finally to a bright scarlet red. These tall plants are strong and vigorous. The stem is thin and easily broken making it easy to pick the peppers without damaging the plant. The wall of the pepper very is thin, making them great for drying.

Taste: just as hot as orange hab, except it has a different sweeter initial taste before the heat kicks in, while the regular orange habanero has a sharper heat that attacks the tongue much faster. Great for seasoning, salsa, hot sauce or roasting.

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