Manzano Pepper (Manzana)

Manzano Pepper (Manzana)


Scientific Classification

Capsicum pubescens

Heat rating in Scovilles:

15000 – 50000

The Manzano Pepper has thick walls, resembles a golf ball-sized apple. They ripen to a brilliant yellow-orange color upon maturity. From the Andes region, its name translates to apple, and is also known as Chile Peron, Chile Caballo, and Chile Ciruelo.

It is resistant to low temperatures and is typically grown at high altitudes. The most distinguishing feature of these peppers are their furry leaves and black seeds. Only peppers from the species C. pubescens have these traits.

Sometimes there is some confusion between Manzanos and Rocotos, since they do look similar. Rocotos are the more common ones in the Andes. They are the same botanical species (C. pubescens), but not the same cultivated variety.

Manzano plants, if protected from cold nights (kept >50°F.), can grow into huge grape-like vines, up to 15 feet long that can be trellised.

TASTE:  The Manzano has a unique citrusy fruitiness. This sweetness make the manzano taste like a richer, spicier bell pepper.

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