Scotch Bonnet

Scotch Bonnet


Scientific Classification

Capsicum Chinense

Heat rating in Scovilles:

100000 – 350000

Scotch Bonnet’s are brightly colored Jamaican hot chiles that are typically red or yellow when fully ripe. They can be eaten fresh but are also great for pickling, garnishes, sauces and jerk rubs.

The Scotch Bonnet is also known as Boabs Bonnet, Scotty Bons, Bonney peppers, or Caribbean red peppers. Found mainly in the Caribbean islands, it is also in Guyana (where it is called Ball of Fire), the Maldives Islands and West Africa. It is named for its resemblance to a Tam o’shanter hat.

TASTE: The Scotch bonnet has a sweeter flavour and stouter shape, distinct from its habanero cousin with which it is often confused.

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