Thai Pepper

Thai Pepper


Scientific Classification

Capsicum annuum

Heat rating in Scovilles:

50000 – 100000

There is no single “Thai pepper” though most candidates for the title are small in size and high in heat. There are at least 79 separate varieties, some include Bird’s Eye Chili, Bird’s Chili, Peri-Peri, Thai Hot. All Thai peppers appeared from three species in Thailand.

These little peppers are about 1 – 2 inches long and very hot. Green ones are not ripe, and red are ripe, but you eat either one and mix them together for color.

Bird’s eye chile is a pepper commonly found in Southeast Asia. In the northern parts of Malaysia, this chile is known as cabai burung or bird chile, as birds eat this variety of chile. In the Philippines, it is called labuyo. it is also found in rural areas of Sri Lanka, where it is used as a substitute for green chile.

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