Move over, Frank’s! If you’re a fan of Louisiana-style cayenne-based sauces, such as Crystal, Tabasco, or Frank’s, then you MUST try Bootlikker Hot Sauce. Though similar in style, the flavor of Bootlikker is far more interesting, rich, and well balanced. Makes a great wing sauce (just add butter!). Perfect on pizza. I go through bottles of this sauce quite often because it’s just so good on everything.

Established in Atlanta, GA in 2016 by Tommy Wood, Bootlikker Hot Sauce has actually been building a fanbase out a friend-base for a decade. It’s the tequila and pickled jalapeño that makes the magic in the mix. This Louisiana-style cayenne-based sauce is great on a wide variety of foods including wings, burgers, pizza, popcorn, chicken wraps, cheese and many others. It’s even an amazing steak marinade. Bootlikker Hot Sauce is not a dare sauce. It’s about the balance of flavor and heat. Hot. Not Too Hot.

Follow Bootlikker Hot Sauce on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for all the hot news! Tommy also has recipe ideas on his site for creative ways to cook with Bootlikker Hot Sauce. I definitely recommend picking up a bottle of Bootlikker today!