These dill pickles have a serious kick coupled with excellent, addicting fresh flavor. Large chunks of cucumber paired with habanero peppers, ghost peppers, Carolina Reaper peppers, garlic, and fresh dill make these a hit with everyone that tastes them.

Each jar has whole cloves of garlic and slices of habanero for you to enjoy. These pickles are sliced in large, plump and juicy chunks.

Micky V's SpicyPickles

Texture:  Are you a fan of those big juicy pickles that come in those single serve plastic bags at your local grocery store, as I am? I think those are comparable to the texture of Micky’s pickles. They aren’t super crisp like grocery store pickles. They instead have that homemade taste and feel.

Usage ideas:  The pickles are great on burgers or eating right out of the jar. Dice pickles for a tasty pickle dip (click here for the recipe). Add to potato salads or deviled eggs. Pairing these pickles with dairy, such as cream cheese, mayo or sour cream, will tame the heat.

Flavor: 10/10

Heat: 7/10 

Micky V’s Spicy Pickles are definitely my go to spicy pickles that will leave a lingering mouth burn for several minutes.

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