Fresno Pepper

Fresno Pepper


Scientific Classification

Capsicum annuum

Heat rating in Scovilles:

2500 – 10000

The Fresno pepper is similar to the Jalapeño pepper. I find the Fresno to be a bit less hot than a jalapeño with more flavor, probably because they are most often sold when red ripe. A very nice pepper I like for topping on most anything.

The fruit starts out bright green changing to orange and red as fully matured. Mild green ones can typically be purchased in the summer while the hot red ones are available in the fall, depending on the region. In California, red ripe Fresnos are available almost year round.

CULINARY USE: Fresno peppers are frequently used for ceviche, salsa and as an accompaniment for rice and black beans.

SUBSTITUTIONS: The Fresno pepper can often be substituted for or with Jalapeño and Serrano peppers.

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