The latest creation by Primo, Primonition is receiving much deserved praise. It is a 2019 Scovie Award winner for verde style hot sauce. It has also come in First Place for Best Hot Sauce, Best Latin Hot/X-Hot, and Best Label at ZestFest 2019.

Along with being a terrific sauce, it simply has one of the best names and labels. I’m starting to suspect that Primo might like cats as much as he likes spicy food! That makes two of us. 😻 

This sauce is so good! I think the heat level is on the medium plus side. Fresh “7 Pot Primo” peppers, jalapeños, New Mexico Green Chile Peppers, tomatillos, and spices meld to bring you a hot, verde style sauce capable of awakening your inner spirit.


Upon popping open the top, you can smell those smoky jalapeños. You may have noticed that I love smoked peppers in my sauces. Smoked peppers just add a nice layer of flavor to everything in my opinion. 

Primonition has a nice chunky consistency, not too runny. No need for a regulator on these bottles. Upon tasting, you immediately feel the heat on the front of the tongue, probably from the super hot Primo peppers in there. The mouth heat hangs around for a bit but it’s certainly not a super hot sauce. It’s a ‘good on everything’ kind of sauce.

Primonition is not overly vinegary or tart and not too sweet. It’s a thick, rich sauce that strikes a perfect balance of ingredients. This versatile sauce is perfect on eggs, breakfast dishes, seafood, and, of course, all Mexican dishes. 

If you’re looking for a sauce with some serious kick, Primo also offers an ultra-hot, Cajun-inspired, award-winning “Swampadelic Sauce” that is also delicious, but is definitely for those ultra hot lovers out there.

Primonition Ingredients: Tomatillos, Onions, Water, Smoked Jalapeno Peppers, Vinegar, Garlic, Cilantro, 7 Pot Primo Peppers, Lime Juice, Salt, New Mexico Green Chile Peppers, Honey, Sugar, Spices.

About Primo’s Peppers: In 2005, while working at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette’s Horticulture Department, Primo developed the “7 Pot Primo”, arguably (and controversially) the hottest pepper in the world! At an average face-melting 1.5 million Scoville heat units, one 7 Pot Primo pepper is 300 times hotter than a Jalapeño! Over the years, Primo’s pepper creations have gained worldwide notoriety and an international cult following.

In 2012, with a passion for heat and a dedication to preserving time-honored traditions, Primo and his wife, Kara, created Primo’s Peppers LLC. Their hot pepper products are made with quality, natural ingredients. Thus far, the Primo’s have accumulated numerous peoples choice and industry awards for their ultra-hot, Cajun-inspired “Swampadelic Sauce” and “The Farmer’s Daughter Hot Pepper Jellies.”